Fury ~ 65 feet – Max Capacity Local Fishing: 60 / Max Capacity Island or Offshore: 46

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Trip Mon to Fri Sat/Sun
All Day $2,200 $2,900
3/4 Day $1,800 $2,600
Overnight $3,300 $3,800
1.5 Day $4,300 $4,800
2 Day $6,000* $6,300*


*Fury will charge a 100 gallon fuel surcharge at prevailing fuel prices, for all off shore trips.


Fury’s Captain

Captain and Owner Rick Doesburg
Captain and Owner Rick DoesburgFury

Rick Doesburg has been owner and operator of The Fury since 1994. Rick has been working on boats since 1964. The Fury is equipped with a spacious modern galley with seating for 25+ people. The galley has a hot grill that offers hot or cold food, snacks, beers, and beverages. Be sure to try the famous “Fury Burger!” The bunkroom is furnished to sleep 46 passengers, blanket and pillow provided for each bunk (free). Fish cleaning is also offered. She is equipped with all the modern day electronics, radars(2), side-scanning sonar, 5 VHF radios, Satellite communications and colored fish finder.